Ciao, I’m Rebecca Ann!


Divine Intuitive Healer, Priestess, Lifestyle Blogger and Divine Feminine leader

Welcome to my world! I am a highly intuitive healer whose mission is to help women energetically align with their souls’ purpose through my signature method Soul Expansion. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications with a minor in Business Administration.  

As a soul expansion expert, I help women integrate their body, mind and soul at the cellular level for lasting change and sustainable success. I believe, in order to expand your business, you must first dive deep into your own healing and step into the idea that you can have it all. This is where flow returns, balance is restored, and change has resulted. I also runs a highly successful spiritual lifestyle blog, The Blue Empath, where I drops the real truths about life that everyone can relate to. 

As a global traveler I also completed a Masters in Fashion Management in Milan, Italy where I helped luxury companies brand their new products and services. My fiancé, Kyle and I split our time between Jackson Hole WY and Palm Beach FL, living their dream of location independence and time freedom. 

Mission: to help women step into their truth, light and power through my 5-step Soul Expansion Method.

My Story

On February 8, 2014 my life changed forever. My sister, Helen, unexpectedly passed away, at age 17, due to accidental overdose from opioids (she struggled with anxiety, depression and her Bipolar disorder). Helen was my best friend and I struggled very deeply on a physical, emotional and energetic level after she passed.

A month later I felt my identity was completely lost when my parents filed for divorce.

At this time I started to severely struggle and lost who I was. Anger, guilt, shame, fear, sadness, regret and abandonment consumed me.  I was an emotional sponge. Due to of all this trauma, my sensitivity was so heightened and I took on anyone and everyone’s emotions. This just made it harder for me to see my true self. So eventually these feelings and behaviors took me under. I was drowning with what felt like no sign of air.

So what did I do? Like I had been doing long before this, I turned to alcohol to numb my pain and the pain of others. I exhausted myself with my work as president of my sorority. I lost my faith in God. My grades dropped. My body, mind and soul suffered tremendously. I was in and out of doctors with so much stomach pain (ulcers), acid reflux, chronic diarrhea, chronic fatigue, bronchitis, sinus issues and they kept telling me nothing was wrong, which was bullshit. Everything was wrong.

I was lost along my path, my physical body was in so much pain and my soul was longing for my truth + authenticity.

I was praying for a miracle in my life. 

Through this journey to healing my emotional pain, intuitively healing my physical body on a deep cellular level, and surrendering to my truth and purpose I started to recognize the woman in the mirror again. This point of my life is what inspired my blog, The Blue Empath, and set me on my journey to embracing my gifts as a Divine Intuitive Healer and becoming a Sol Expansion coach. All of this brought me to helping other women heal and expand their body, mind and soul…and I freaking love it!! 

Beginning my path to healing my body, mind and soul truly taught me how to have it all – the success, fulfillment, health, wealth, marriage and family. I believe we get to HAVE IT ALL and this is what I teach my clients. 

So, welcome! I am so glad to have you here!

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