Hey, I’m Rebecca Ann!

Healer, Priestess and generational multi-millionaire.

Hey I’m Rebecca Ann! A highly intuitive healer, Priestess of Power and generational multi-millionaire whose mission is to help women re-define success, leadership and embody the new wealthy woman.

As a energy healing expert, I help women re-code and grid their body, mind and soul at the cellular level for true leadership and sustainable success. This includes healing and transmuting beyond this lifetime and generations truly setting you free. I help women release their attachment to money, materialism and to realize their true power lies within their connection to the divine. Together we’ll fully embrace all of you, the psychic, empath, shaman, Priestess and all dimensions of yourself. Through this work you will gain your truth, claim your power and become a truly wealthy woman.

I walk the Priestess path, train other energy healers, do healings on a global level and share my personal story of re-defining success and leadership within my own life. What I’ve learned is, that true success is measure by how much love and inspiration we let pour through us. True Wealthy women claim their connection to God and inspiration. They find true success in a mind geared towards love, inspiration and service. 

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications with a minor in Business Administration. As a global traveler I completed a Masters in Fashion Management in Milan, Italy where I helped luxury companies brand their new products and services, now I use this expertise to help others healers, energy workers and leaders. My fiancé, Kyle and I split our time between Jackson Hole WY and Palm Beach FL, living their dream of location independence and time freedom.