5 Feminine Healing Meditations

Welcome goddess! I hope these meditation serve you in deeper releasing, healing and connecting. Also, just a quick note, these meditations are meant to be done everyday, over and over. Keep listening, tuning into the divine channel with me and feel the expansive energy opening you up to deeper healing and awareness. Pay attention to what you hear, see and feel because these are the intuitive nudges guiding you. Happy meditating!! Love, Rebecca Ann

Day 1: Healing + Releasing Ancestral Feminine Wounding Meditation

  • Feminine Wounding meditation begins @ 16:40
  • Feminine Timeline healing @ 24 minutes
  • Archangel Michael and Raphael healing @ 28 minutes

Day 2: Honoring Your Body As A Sacred Temple

  • Grounding + golden white light meditation begins at 23 minutes
  • Reclaiming your power meditation 27:27

Day 3: Feminine Play (opening up to receiving)

  • Feminine body healing meditation begins at 7:30

Day 4: Opening + Healing the Sacral Chakra

  • Sacral chakra/womb healing meditation begins at 16:20 minutes

Day 5: The Feminine Art Of Receiving + Releasing Toxic Programming

  • Releasing toxic programming meditation begins at 25 minutes
  • Reptilian brain, where lower vibrational programming is usually held, golden light energy cleanse.