90-Minute Divine Intuitive Healing Sessions

– 1:1 90-minute Healing session with Rebecca Ann

– Recorded session & post follow up email

– PRICE: $222 

What is Divine Intuitive Healing?

“Energy therapy, energy healing, vibrational medicine, psychic healing, spiritual medicine or spiritual healing are branches of alternative medicine based on a pseudo-scientific belief that healers can channel healing energy into a patient and effect positive results.” – Energy Medicine

This is deep energetic healing on all levels. In this 1 session we will work with your guides, ascended masters, and archangels to healing your body, mind and soul through your ancestral lineage and past lives. I will open the channel and allow the guidance to healing your subtle energetic bodies, energy fields and energetic boundaries. Through the healing I follow the intuitive guidance and allow it to work through me. I am the channel, not the healer.

Together we will walk through golden heart activation, third eye cleanse and activation, womb clearings, release you from past life time and ancestral pain that keeps you stuck, re-grid your energy into the new templates of freedom and we will channel the guidance that you’re craving. This is the deepest release on all levels and a remembering of your truth. This is for everyone who is ready to feel more free and release the heavy. Come with an open mind and heart!


Love & gratitude for Rebecca Ann

“Throughout my spiritual journey and ascension into Priestesshood, I have worked with many healers all over the world. My experience with Rebecca was one I’ll remember forever. Her gift is entirely unique and life-alteringly powerful. She managed to pin point the source of an old wound and took me back seven lifetimes to eliminate it. A truly gifted healer, I would recommend her to anyone who wants actual results from healing. Rebecca is the real deal.”

– Harriette Hale, High Priestess of Light & Leading Money Consciousness Coach

“It was so powerful. I was very much dropped in, but there were little physical awarenesses of my system actually releasing and re-griding. She hit on things that I’ve never talked about with anyone before. It is her intutive power to connect to me, my guides and channel – which is mind blowing. I was able to release some really big cords I’d been holding onto for lifetimes.”

– Andee Love, High Level Transformation & Embodiment Coach 

 “The most powerful healing session I’ve ever had. And it moves me to tears thinking about all the beautiful releasing that happened on a generational level. She helped me release wounds inside of me that had been carried on through generations and I could feel it like a weight being lifted off my shoulders. She is so connected to Divine, our guides and love. I cannot recommend her enough.”

– Jessica Hutto, Spiritual Mentor & Intuitive

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“Rebecca helped me release old stories and relationships, which I was having a hard time processing through, and now I don’t have the emotional charge when I think abou them. Also, she helped me to establish my connection to divine source, guidance and now I have those intuitive moments, which I was really wanting. I encourage anyone on the fence of working with Rebecca, to do it. You’re being called for a reason.”  

– Chelsey Sobotta  

“An Incredible experience! Rebecca Ann made me feel so comfortable and held so much space for me during the whole session. She was able to tune in and identify a situation from my past where I needed to call back my power. So, we did an incredible powerful exercise together and it was amazing. If you’re thinking about working with Rebecca Ann, I highly recommend it. ” 

– Jill Wurtzelman, Energy Healer through EFT