Leadership Re-Defined

Today we live in a world and society that glamorizes money, validation. Leaders and influencer have become more focused on the income and validation, rather than true wealth, leadership and success, which is found within the mind. I’m revolutionizing a new way and awakening a new era of Divine Feminine Leaders who are here to unleash, serve and step into true leadership and success. 


What is Divine Intuitive Healing?

“Energy therapy, energy healing, vibrational medicine, psychic healing, spiritual medicine or spiritual healing are branches of alternative medicine based on a pseudo-scientific belief that healers can channel healing energy into a patient and effect positive results.” – Energy Medicine

Intuitive means the ability to know or understand something because of feeling rather than facts or proof. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a strong all-knowing intuition always guiding my way. A voice inside me, a gut feeling that has lead me. I could feel what others were truly feeling and feel their emotion as if it were my own. In my healing work I use my gift of strong intuition to pinpoint the blocks, imbalances and limiting beliefs within your body, mind and spirit that are holding you back. Divine represents my work with the divine feminine energy, which is motherly, loving and peaceful energy. 


Month 1 & 2: The Healing

Month 3 & 4: The Unleashing

Month 5 & 6: The Leading


1:1 Intuitive Training

6 Months: 18 Sessions

This is the complete deep dive into Body, Mind and Soul healing for ultimate Soul Expansion. This is meant for the women who are ready to step into their truth, light and power completely and begin sharing it with the world. This is no holding back – true expression of the soul on a deep level. 

What is included:

  • 1 20-minute free discovery call
  • 18 50-minute 1:1 calls (via Zoom)
  • Recording of all sessions
  • Email support Monday – Friday 
  • My Surrender & Release Method 
  • My Healer Unleashed Method
  • Access to my 8 Step Guide to Forgiveness Ebook

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This is for the women:


Love & Gratitude

“Throughout my spiritual journey and ascension into Priestesshood, I have worked with many healers all over the world. My experience with Rebecca was one I’ll remember forever. Her gift is entirely unique and life-alteringly powerful. She managed to pin point the source of an old wound and took me back seven lifetimes to eliminate it. A truly gifted healer, I would recommend her to anyone who wants actual results from healing. Rebecca is the real deal.”  

– Harriette Hale, High Priestess of Light & Leading Money Consciousness Coach 

“It was so powerful. I was very much dropped in, but there were little physical awarenesses of my system actually releasing and re-griding. She hit on things that I’ve never talked about with anyone before. It is her intutive power to connect to me, my guides and channel – which is mind blowing. I was able to release some really big cords I’d been holding onto for lifetimes.” 

– Andee Love, High Level Transformation & Embodiment Coach 

 “The most powerful healing session I’ve ever had. And it moves me to tears thinking about all the beautiful releasing that happened on a generational level. She helped me release wounds inside of me that had been carried on through generations and I could feel it like a weight being lifted off my sholders. She is so connected to Divine, our guides and love. I cannot reccomend her enough.” 

– Jessica Hutto, Spiritual Mentor & Intuitive

More about Rebecca Ann

I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science from The University of Mississippi and have a Master’s in Fashion Management from Domus Academy in Milan, Italy (funny, I know). I am a certified level 1 Reiki practitioner, teacher of A Course in Miracles and High Priestess. I am a student of Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass (live and digital), Marie Forleo’s B-School, Harriette Hale and Christian Mickelson. I love crystals, oracle cards and using my gift of intuition to help others.