Divine Intuitive Healing

“Energy therapy, energy healing, vibrational medicine, psychic healing, spiritual medicine or spiritual healing are branches of alternative medicine based on a pseudo-scientific belief that healers can channel healing energy into a patient and effect positive results.” – Energy Medicine

Intuitive means the ability to know or understand something because of feeling rather than facts or proof. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a strong all-knowing intuition always guiding my way. A voice inside me, a gut feeling that has lead me. I could feel what others were truly feeling and feel their emotion as if it were my own. In my healing work I use my gift of strong intuition to pinpoint the blocks, imbalances and limiting beliefs within your body, mind and spirit that are holding you back.

Divine represents my work with the divine feminine energy, which is motherly, loving and peaceful energy. Recently, I received a strong message to work with the divine energy to heal women through my intuitive abilities and own life lessons.

The Program


1. Healing the physical symptoms

2. Shedding the emotional + energetic heaviness

3. Stepping into your truth, light and POWER!

In my Divine Intuitive Healing Program we will do a deep dive of deep cellular healing, energetic detoxing, introspection, releasing emotions, blocks, and imbalances that keep you from living your best life. All of this will help you connect to your intuition (the part of you that just knows) and begin feeling better!!

We will be meeting once a week (or what works best for your schedule) and you will have Monday – Friday message support, so we can always chat and I’ll be there to keep you on track, or last minute symptom freakouts (it happens)!

1) Body

First, we will pinpoint your physical symptoms, pain points, and problem areas. Then, I will perform a body scan through muscle testing + intuition and bring awareness to possible viruses, bacteria, fungus, and heavy metals that lay within your body and in which organs it is residing. Then, we will make an intuitive healing plan through medical medium protocols to begin healing your body at a deep cellular level. Also, I will muscle test you for various supplements to support your body through healing.

Implementation: Intuitive body scans & Medical Medium protocols 

  • Together we will put together an intuitive daily routine for your body to help it thrive and long term heal. This is about fixing the true root of the issue and restoring your health.

I know what it feels like to be in serious physical pain that kept me from living life and doing the things I loved. I hit rock bottom with my health 5 years ago when I was struggling with and now successfully healed black mold, acid reflux, IBS, chronic diarrhea, stomach ulcers, PCOS (irregular periods and now have regular periods), inflammation, ADD, mysterious weight gain, chronic bronchitis, Epstein Barr Virus, Streptococcus, Cytomegalovirusheavy metals like mercury (still healing) with my mind, body and soul technique. It’s changed my life, and I know it can help you too.

2) Mind

Through healing the mind you will release the emotional weight. Together we will pinpoint your hidden emotions and through body scanning I will pinpoint where in your body these emotions are being stored. For example, a lot of times emotions like resentment and anger are held within the liver, which when not dealt with, can cause a stagnant liver. This step is all about awareness, bringing awareness to the truth of how you’re feeling and choosing to release and write a new story for your life.

Implementation: shedding the EMOTIONAL layers through pinpointing where emotions may be stuck in your body + an intuitive plan (everyone is different) to effectively release them.

Techniques: may cause miracles method (trained by Gabby Bernstein), Reiki, affirmations, forgiveness work, heavy journaling, 40-day practices, crystals, and visualization techniques. Anything to get you to a happier more joyful YOU!

3) Soul

The energetic detox. You will learn how to cleanse and protect your energy, recover from psychic attacks, and create energetic boundaries. This step is especially for highly sensitive people who feel overcome by others emotions and energy. I will teach you how to release this energetic weight that isn’t yours to carry. Let’s set your soul free and activate your unique gifts to share with the world. 

Also, I will introduce you to various techniques to expand your soul. You will learn about the intuitive psychic gifts, how to connect to your intuition and step into your purpose. This is all about expanding your spirit and embodying who you truly are on a soul level. Embodying who you really are in truth, getting connected to your purpose, which can only truly been done when you become. A lot of times this step has a lot to do with releasing control and surrendering to a higher power.

Implementation: Balancing the chakras + meridians, energetic detox and tapping into your truth + souls purpose. 

Techniques: my Surrender & Release technique, Kundalini yoga, meditation, chanting, nature walks

For years I walked around carrying physical extra weight on my body that wasn’t mine. It made me feel sluggish and I constantly put other people’s needs and emotions before my well-being. Through the years I have learned techniques and boundaries that will help you.


4 Months: 16 Sessions

This is the complete deep dive into Body, Mind and Soul healing for ultimate Soul Expansion. We first deep dive into the body, then the mind + emotions and open up to soul truth. This is meant for the women who are ready to step into their truth, light and power completely and begin sharing it with the world. This is no holding back – true expression of the soul on a deep level. 

What is included:

  • 1 20-minute free discovery call
  • 16 50-minute 1:1 calls (via Zoom)
  • Welcome packet
  • Recording of all sessions
  • Email support Monday – Friday 
  • My Surrender & Release Method 
  • My 5 Step Soul Expansion Method
  • Access to my 8 Step Guide to Forgiveness Ebook

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Love & Gratitude

 Rebecca helped me realize I have to let go all the negative feelings and belief systems because if I don’t, I wont get my happy ending. She helped me to realize that forgiveness is the answer to all.” Ruiqi Qin 

“The most amazing thing to me is that I’ve been able to let go of a lot of anger and resentment that I was sure I would hold on to forever. You truly have a gift and I am so thankful that you are willing to open up and share it with everyone!” Alexandra C.

“Rebecca’s energy and passion for transformation is infectious. She is the real deal and what she teaches comes from the heart and soul of her own life experiences. Do yourself a favor and say YES to your chance to be guided by her.” Andee L.

“Thank you for being such a blessing to us all.. you have helped me grow dramatically and I’m finally connected to my truth and authenticity. I’m so excited for myself and how the rest will unfold for me. Thank you Rebecca Ann for staying true to yourself and following your path, I am so grateful for you. I can’t wait to help women as much as you’ve helped me.” Jacqueline C.


My calling to become a healer…


Rebecca Ann, The Forgiveness Guru: My Calling to Become A Coach

 I launched this program to help others return to love through forgiveness. I want to help others find themselves when they feel lost, sad, angry or broken because there was a time where I felt this way.

There was a time 4 years ago when I was sad, broken, lost and full of anger + resentment. I was so unhappy. I gained weight, was in and out of medical doctors with various medical problems (acid reflux, IBS, mysterious weight gain, PCOS etc.), sad with a grieving heart and angry with my parents and the world. I carried around a story that I was the victim and my parents + the world were the problem. I believed I was a victim of what happened to me.

Then, one day I decided my life had become unmanageable and my parents made an appointment for me to see a therapist. When I first began I didn’t really believe I needed help. But, with time I opened up and started discovering all these emotions I had buried over the years starting from the age of 5. I would shove down my sadness because I thought it made me look weak and this caused me to suppress my emotions. Also, I struggled to correctly express how I was feeling. So, my therapist helped me to work through all those old emotions and how to express my genuine feelings to my parents and others around me. And I’m not perfect at it, but everyday I try my best and each day I get better and so can you. I learned tips and tricks to help myself when I was feeling sad and down about life or lost on my path. I turned to prayer, meditation, gratitude, and other practices. Slowly but surely as I started to listen to my intuition more and more it grew louder and lead me to happiness and love.

Now, 2 years ago I moved to Milan to attend a year-long Master’s program in Fashion Management. I knew no one in Italy and moved overseas alone. It was so hard at first and I cried a lot but this newness slowly broke me down, so I could create something more authentic to myself. I remember being in Milan my first week; School hadn’t started yet and I was traveling around the city lost trying to find this apartment rental agency, on a random train, I had no idea where the hell I was going, my phone was dead, I didn’t speak the language and I had no health insurance. I remember thinking to myself, wow I’ve been stripped of everything I knew and all the privileges I had in the US and all I have now is myself to figure this stuff out, so then and there I committed to figuring it out.

I completed the program, received my Master’s in Fashion Management, made a ton of international friends along the way, traveled with people all around Europe, got an internship at a boutique fashion magazine that later turned into a job where I got to attend various events in the fashion world around Milan. On top of all that, after a year of long distance my boyfriend found a job in Milan and moved here. Life was good for a 24- year old and I was living what I thought was my dream. Wow, I thought, pinch me. How the hell did I pull this off? I must be dreaming.

Then, fast forward to February 2018 and I’m feeling lost and like I’m not living out my purpose. I feel a calling to embark on a new chapter of my journey. Fashion just wasn’t it for me. So, I answered a calling I had shoved down for years to write and release my story, so I started my blog, The Blue Empath, and started releasing my writing. The feedback has been amazing.

Fast forward 4 months later and I’m at Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass and I know I’m having this feeling/calling to become a light life coach. To teach others what I have learned and how I went from sad, angry, and lost to what you see today. It doesn’t happen overnight and it took a willingness to show up every day, but I’m here and ready to stand in my truth and help others do the same. I am so honored to be on my path and can’t wait to help you too. 

More about Rebecca Ann

I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science from The University of Mississippi and have a Master’s in Fashion Management from Domus Academy in Milan, Italy (funny, I know). I am a certified level 1 Reiki practitioner, teacher of A Course in Miracles and High Priestess. I am a student of Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass (live and digital), Marie Forleo’s B-School, Harriette Hale and Christian Mickelson. I love crystals, oracle cards and using my gift of intuition to help others.