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The ebook that takes you from fear to love….

If you feel like you’re struggling to release and let go of resentment, control, anger, low vibrational thoughts then this is your answer to getting your life bak on track. Or if you are feeling lost, sad, broken, not yourself, like there is something more for you in life, then this guide is for you. This free version of the 8 Steps To Forgiveness + Bonus Step e-book will help you to begin healing to gain back control of your life and create healthier relationships. First, you will begin with the recognition that something needs to change and declare your willingness to show up for yourself. This is where all the magic begins and how you take back control of your life. By simply remembering you are already in control. It’s all about using forgiveness to take us from fear based thinking to love. I know this guide works because I’ve walked this walk, worked the steps, allowed myself to heal and now I’m living my dream in Milan, Italy where I get to travel, live my life with no regrets and make friends from around the world.

    This EBOOK is for you if you’re…

    • An empath
    • Feeling lost
    • Feeling any kind of anger, resentment, fear sadness
    • Struggling to forgive that person/situation/yourself

    Purchase if you are ready to:

    • Do the work
    • Be real & truthful
    • Feel purposeful
    • Create healthier relationships
    • Open up to a new way of life
    • Bring more love and gratitude into your life
    • Open up to a more love

    What other Forgiveness Warrior’s are saying….

    “It has been a GREAT guide and had really helped me forgive those who didn’t ask to be forgiven. The most amazing thing to me is that I’ve been able to let go of a lot of anger and resentment that I was sure I would hold on to forever. You truly have a gift and I am so thankful that you are willing to open up and share it with everyone!” Alexandra C.

    “Glad to see self forgiveness in your book. No one to forgive, except ourselves for holding on. Anything another did or said triggered our inner. People just do, we give it meaning and the life it took on. Self forgiveness is the way out and the way Home. Beautiful book :)” – Dr. Jeffrey Ptak

     “I had a great transformation, or should I say, instant transformation with the 8 Steps To Forgiveness. It is an absolutely amazing guide. You are a God send my lady.” – Fozia 

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    My calling to write this e-book…

     I launched this e-book to help others return to love through forgiveness. I want to help others find themselves when they feel lost, sad, angry or broken because there was a time where I felt this way.

    There was a time 4 years ago when I was sad, broken, lost and full of anger + resentment. I was so unhappy. I gained weight, was in and out of medical doctors with various medical problems (acid reflux, IBS, mysterious weight gain, PCOS etc.), sad with a grieving heart and angry with my parents and the world. I carried around a story that I was the victim and my parents + the world were the problem. I believed I was a victim of what happened to me.

    Then, one day I decided my life had become unmanageable and my parents made an appointment for me to see a therapist. When I first began I didn’t really believe I needed help. But, with time I opened up and started discovering all these emotions I had buried over the years starting from the age of 5. I would shove down my sadness because I thought it made me look weak and this caused me to suppress my emotions. Also, I struggled to correctly express how I was feeling. So, my therapist helped me to work through all those old emotions and how to express my genuine feelings to my parents and others around me. And I’m not perfect at it, but everyday I try my best and each day I get better and so can you. I learned tips and tricks to help myself when I was feeling sad and down about life or lost on my path. I turned to prayer, meditation, gratitude, and other practices. Slowly but surely as I started to listen to my intuition more and more it grew louder and lead me to happiness and love.

    Now, 2 years ago I moved to Milan to attend a year-long Master’s program in Fashion Management. I knew no one in Italy and moved overseas alone. It was so hard at first and I cried a lot but this newness slowly broke me down, so I could create something more authentic to myself. I remember being in Milan my first week; School hadn’t started yet and I was traveling around the city lost trying to find this apartment rental agency, on a random train, I had no idea where the hell I was going, my phone was dead, I didn’t speak the language and I had no health insurance. I remember thinking to myself, wow I’ve been stripped of everything I knew and all the privileges I had in the US and all I have now is myself to figure this stuff out, so then and there I committed to figuring it out.

    I completed the program, received my Master’s in Fashion Management, made a ton of international friends along the way, traveled with people all around Europe, got an internship at a boutique fashion magazine that later turned into a job where I got to attend various events in the fashion world around Milan. On top of all that, after a year of long distance my boyfriend found a job in Milan and moved here. Life was good for a 24- year old and I was living what I thought was my dream. Wow, I thought, pinch me. How the hell did I pull this off? I must be dreaming.

    Then, fast forward to February 2018 and I’m feeling lost and like I’m not living out my purpose. I feel a calling to embark on a new chapter of my journey. Fashion just wasn’t it for me. So, I answered a calling I had shoved down for years to write and release my story, so I started my blog, The Blue Empath, and started releasing my writing. The feedback has been amazing.

    Fast forward 4 months later and I’m at Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass and get up in front of 200+ people and day that I wrote an e-book called 8 Steps To Forgiveness and everyone started clapping and cheering me on. This is when I knew I was in the right place. I wrote this e-book because I have a passion to teach others what I have learned and how I went from sad, angry, and lost to what you see today. It doesn’t happen overnight and it took a willingness to show up every day, but I’m here and ready to stand in my truth and help others do the same. I am so honored to be on my path and can’t wait to help you too.