Group Divine Intuitive Healing Sessions

This is 90-minute group healing sessions with Rebecca Ann either online via zoom, live in-person, or at a retreat. Together as a group we will go deep!


Option 1: Online 90-minute Intuitive Healing 

This is perfect for masterminds, or groups, where we all meet together as a group on Zoom and do a healing together collectively. Through this healing everyone will have their own experience. Some will go deep into remembering their soul, and others will be releasing deep wounding and lifetime baggage. I hold space for ALL OF IT. I’ve healed group up to 40 women at 1 time and each walked away with a personalized deep experience. 

What’s included:

– 1 90-minute group healing via Zoom 

– Post individual questions and support

– Price: $444 


Option 2: In person (live) 90-minute Intuitive Healing 

This is perfect for the retreat host, or facilitator, who is looking for a healer to bring into their space for a 90-minute or 2 hour session where we can heal together, then open up conversation about healing, energy workers and seeing beyond the physical. 

What’s included: 

– 1 90-minute group healing (in-person)

– If at a retreat, Facilitator support in preparing the space

– Group Q&A, plus extra healing guidance that’s needed

– Price: $444 (plus travel, room and board)

Group healing for The Elevate & Amplify Retreat with Rachel Joy

Group healing for Journey Through The Chakras Retreat with Jessica Hutto

Group Healing Testimonials

“The calls were amazing – beautiful deep healings on so many levels to raw emotions being brought to the surface to be acknowledged and healed. Plus, lots of laughter in between. With the right support from Rebecca and the other beautiful ladies, I have blossomed and bloomed. I have found my gift, but just as important, it has helped me to find myself, who had been hidden for far too many years.  

Rebecca is kind, caring, compassionate and so much space is held for you. This is where I could show my vulnerability in its rawness, because it was safe and all you feel is love, somewhere where you are heard with no judgement. Thank you Rebecca for bringing us together and for just being you.”  

– Carrie Wylde, Intutive Healer