8 Steps To Forgiveness + Bonus Step (eBook)




If you feel like you’re struggling to release and let go of resentment, control, anger, low vibrational thoughts then this is your answer to getting your life bak on track. Or if you are feeling lost, sad, broken, not yourself, like there is something more for you in life, then this guide is for you.

This e-book will take you step by step through deep spiritual healing to gain back control of your life and create healthier relationships. First, you will begin with the recognition that something needs to change and declare your willingness to show up for yourself. This is where all the magic begins and how you take back control of your life. By simply remembering you are already in control. It’s all about using forgiveness to take us from fear based thinking to love. This e-book gives you the spiritual tools that you need on your tool belt to change your life. I know this guide works because I’ve walked this walk, worked the steps, allowed myself to heal and now I’m living my dream in Milan, Italy where I get to travel, live my life with no regrets and make friends from around the world.


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