Remembering the

Sacred Within

A 3-week journey for Women to purify and connect with their sacred wisdom.

For 100s of years the feminine archetype has been held down and silenced.

Our sacred bodies that birth life and our womb filled with ancient wisdom has been deemed “weak”, “not trusted” and suppressed.







We feel it in our bones.

We feel it in our DNA.

It’s created a restlesness and rebellion within us.

A feeling that there’s so much more…

More to us, our wisdom and truth within that’s ready to be heard and honored.

Through working and healing with dozens of women over the years, I find that each enters a unique purification process along their awakening journey that sparks a remembering of their power and wisdom that’s coded within them.

It’s a very Holy journey that looks unique to each woman, but the theme remains the same: taking back their power, clearing their generational lines and remembering their ancient wisdom. With each ceremony, they begin to remember the sacredness of being a woman and the ancient wisdom that’s embedded within their DNA.

And I’m ready to walk YOU through during this 3-week healing and purification with Mother Mary and Goddess Isis. 

Yo feel called, but may be wondering…

 How do I begin remembering? Purifying? Where do I start?


When women gather, magic naturally unfolds, wisdom is remembered and journey takes place.


Through these 4 ceremonies, starting with the New Moon on Monday July 20th, we will be activating and/or re-aligning purity codes, receiving divine blessings form Mother Mary and guided into initiation with Goddess Isis. This is pure Divine Feminine.


This journey will be Holy, sacred and pure magic. 


If you feel called, then join us for the 3-week journey and 4 intuitively guided ceremonies to remembering your sacredness within.


These ceremonies are built for women to gather, support, love and honor one another while in their own healing and purification.


You will receive:

✗ 4 (1.5) hour LIVE (& recorded) energy healing ceremonies

✗ Private FB group for questions and discussion

✗ Connection and healing with your womb space

✗ Initiation with Goddess Isis (powerful)

✗ A sacred journey with Divine Feminine, Mother Mary

✗ Safe space to share, be heard and honored for you sacred shares and whispers

✗ Grounding meditation to connect with the steady rhythm of Mother Gaia’s pulse

“These ceremonies will ease the soul. They will ground you down, take you to travel/heal/release and return you back to your truth within.” – Rebecca Ann

Week 1 (ceremony 1+2):

Grounding, Healing & Purifying

✗ In Ceremony 1 we will Prepare your body and energy for the upgrades to come. Grounding and healing with Mother Earth

✗ Ceremony 2 we will travel through meditation to the Temples of Lemuria and you will enter into your rose quartz crystal space

Week 2 (ceremony 3):

Journeying with Mother Mary

✗ In Ceremony 3 we will enter into meditation where Mother Mary will guide us to Purifying our vessel and energy through the Chalice Well

✗ Mother Mary will guide us to remembering our PURITY as women. Cleansing our vessel.

Week 3 (ceremony 4):

Initiation with Goddess Isis

✗ In the final Ceremony we will enter into meditation and travel through the temples of Egypt to meet Goddess Isis

✗ Goddess Isis will walk us through a series of activations and an Initiation

4 Ceremonies Recorded LIVE | You have all content for life | Replays available

This is for Women looking to:


✗ Dive into a deeper layer of healing

✗ Hold space for other Women when needed

Connect and honor their Divine Feminine expression

Heal and impact their generations (grandmothers, mothers and children)

✗ Begin the journey to remembering their sacred and ancient wisdom

✗ Gather in sacred ceremonies with other women and sisters around the globe

“Throughout my spiritual journey and ascension into Priestesshood, I have worked with many healers all over the world. My experience with Rebecca was one I’ll remember forever. Her gift is entirely unique and life-altering powerful. She managed to pinpoint the source of an old wound and took me back seven lifetimes to eliminate it. A truly gifted healer, I would recommend her to anyone who wants actual results from healing. Rebecca is the real deal.”

Hariette Hale

High Priestess of Light & Leading Money Consciousness Coach

“It was so powerful. I was very much dropped in, but there were little physical awarenesses of my system actually releasing and re-griding. She hit on things that I’ve never talked about with anyone before. It is her intuitive power to connect to me, my guides and channel – which is mind blowing. I was able to release some really big cords I’d been holding onto for lifetimes.”  

Andee Love

High Level Transformation & Embodiment Coach

“The most powerful healing session I’ve ever had. And it moves me to tears thinking about all the beautiful releasing that happened on a generational level. She helped me release wounds inside of me that had been carried on through generations and I could feel it like a weight being lifted off my shoulders. She is so connected to Divine, our guides and love. I cannot recommend her enough.”  

Jessica Hutto

Spiritual Mentor & Intuitive

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the ceremonies recorded live?

YES! The 4 LIVE ceremonies were recorded live and now ae available for you 

Why is it over 3 weeks?

There are 4 sacred ceremonies we will be walking through over 3 weeks. There will be 2 ceremonies the first week. The first one will prepare and ground you for the next 3. It’s over 3-weeks because the body takes time to remember and integrate new wisdom as it arises.

Will I have this content for life?

YES! This course will be recorded LIVE, then kept in the FB group for life. It’s all your to return to over and over again.