The Powerful Healer

3-day masterclass teaching the foundation to embodied multi-dimensional healing

Are you feeling called to guide others through energy healing, but feel scared about how to effectively do it?

You feel called to share your healing gifts, but aren’t sure how to open and close a healing session effectively?

Or, how to protect you and your clients from lower energies?

You may feel scared in calling in “lower” energy or clients/yourself leaving feeling heavy. 

I see and hear you, powerful healer.

6 years ago I was having the same questions, worries and fears…

Now, through 6+ years of training as a Priestess, healer and developing my own soul-based healing, I’ve learned the foundation that keeps me clear and safe while openings others and myself to more energy.

The foundation that has helped me and my clients hold, expand and command the energy.

The truth:

If we aren’t commanding energy, then we’re being influenced by it.

As a healer, it’s our responsibility to be grounded in the light and connected to source.


To protect our client session so lower vibrations can’t penetrate in. To learn and know how to alchemize and release lower vibrations effectively so they don’t stick around us or our clients.

As healers, it’s our responsibility to learn, practice and teach these foundations for being a healer in the LIGHT, so we can impact our communities and clients on a deeper level and higher scale.


These principles and techniques I’m teaching through The Powerful Healer masterclasses are the basic tools I return to over and over again as a high-level multi-dimensional healer.


This is the foundation of my healings.  


Without these basics, my healing wouldn’t exist.

Through these masterclasses you will learn to:


✗ Cleanse and alchemize energy effectively

✗ Invoke 3 layers + 12 dimensional protective shields

✗ Create your personal energetic shields and boundaries (the key to no energy hangovers!)

✗ Open and close healing sessions effectively

✗ Remain embodied and grounded while healing

✗ Healing technique: the supported deep energetic release (transmuting energy) 

✗ Ground the physical healing space 

✗ Remain aware and embodied while healing with clients

✗ End client sessions and healings feeling lighter and more empowered (no more wounded healer)

“There is no healing session without being grounded and plugged into source.” – Rebecca Ann

Masterclass 1:

Preparing the healer and healing space

✗ Grounding, plugging into mother earth and source

✗ Cord cutting & alchemy with Archangel Michael

✗ Techniques to release and alchemize energy

✗ Invoking energetic shields for protection

✗ Creating your personal energetic boundary (your sacred space)

✗ Ritual to ground the physical healing space

 Masterclass 2:

Opening, healing and closing the session

✗ Getting client grounded and plugged into source

✗ Visualizations for the client to feel safe and secure (energy containment)

✗ Invoking the energy shields and 12 dimensional shields of protection

✗ Calling in angels, archangels and guides (who + what to call in)

✗ Healing technique: the supported deep release (transmuting energy) 

✗ Closing down the energy and session effectively (no energy hangovers)

Masterclass 3:

Commanding energy through healing

✗ Walking step by step through the energy healing session

✗ Commanding the energy while remaining embodied and aware

✗ Creating collaboration between you and the client 

✗ Allowing the body to lead the way (the body clues through effective energy healing)

✗ Practicing holding/expanding your energetic boundaries and shields

3 Classes Recorded | You have all content for life | Access to Powerful Healer

Healers, energy healers, intuitives looking to


✗ Hold healings in person, online or in their communities.

✗ Create, or enhance, the foundation to their healing work.

Learn the principles to create a safe environment for themselves and healing clients before, during and after the session.

Feel lighter and more empowered after client sessions and healings (no more energy hangovers).

✗ Learn energetic boundaries and shields to enhance and protect sensitive empaths

“Throughout my spiritual journey and ascension into Priestesshood, I have worked with many healers all over the world. My experience with Rebecca was one I’ll remember forever. Her gift is entirely unique and life-altering powerful. She managed to pinpoint the source of an old wound and took me back seven lifetimes to eliminate it. A truly gifted healer, I would recommend her to anyone who wants actual results from healing. Rebecca is the real deal.”

Hariette Hale

High Priestess of Light & Leading Money Consciousness Coach

“It was so powerful. I was very much dropped in, but there were little physical awarenesses of my system actually releasing and re-griding. She hit on things that I’ve never talked about with anyone before. It is her intuitive power to connect to me, my guides and channel – which is mind blowing. I was able to release some really big cords I’d been holding onto for lifetimes.”  

Andee Love

High Level Transformation & Embodiment Coach

“The most powerful healing session I’ve ever had. And it moves me to tears thinking about all the beautiful releasing that happened on a generational level. She helped me release wounds inside of me that had been carried on through generations and I could feel it like a weight being lifted off my shoulders. She is so connected to Divine, our guides and love. I cannot recommend her enough.”  

Jessica Hutto

Spiritual Mentor & Intuitive

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this masterclass recorded live?

This is a 3-day digital Masterclass that was recorded live back in 2020. Now, this is available as a foundational teaching for Healer’s looking to begin their journey. Each session is 1.5 hours long and questions are answered at the end! You are also welcome to submit questions via email for RebeccaAnn to answer! 

Why is it over 3 days?

This masterclass is taught over 3 days because I believe it takes time to integrate each piece of

the healing foundation. This gives our body, energy and mind time to rest and integrate, before

moving to the next teaching. Also, day 3 will be mostly implementation and practicing the healing from start to finish, which is important for fully implementing these foundations.

Will I have this content for life?

YES! This course will be recorded LIVE, then kept in the portal for life. It’s all your to return to over and over again.